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The many, many ways in which people are mutilated in this movie are reminiscent of the still-young torture porn genre more than horror or black comedy, which some people will insist this movie is.

The only good I would rate this film a 0 if it didn't have Christopher Lloyd in it. But when I saw it, it just had lackluster acting, a terrible plot and overreacted approach of the characters to a certain scene.

Take some friends and go see it. British indian lesbians. I couldn't help but laugh during all the killings because they were so over the top. Piranha 3d lesbian. So, don't expect too many great things about the movie just because of its poster because you don't know whether the actual movie is great It was the most cornest movie I ever seen but I only saw the mid end so I only know a little but now I know a lot there's so much nudity and curcing and vilonce.

However, once Sheriff Forrester Shue discovers the truth behind the random attacks, Aja releases the army of piranhas on the partying spring break masses in a ten minute scene that can only be described as total carnage, with a body count that makes Rambo look like Disney.

I haven't had a better time watching a movie in a long while. Good movie to watch with your friends but maybe not your parents. Piranha 3-D is actually a surprisingly good movie. I wanted to laugh, I wanted this to like this movie. CGI Pirahna's dont look so good at alland their real potential is probably only there when watching in 3d. Tits on guard rachel starr. Not a good movie, but also is not all bad, it is reasonable, I thought the end was kind of unnecessary and inconsistent with the rest of the film, very little blood to the story, but manages to shock those who watched it and it counts a lot Not a good movie, but also is not all bad, it is reasonable, I thought the end was kind of unnecessary and inconsistent with the rest of the film, very little blood to the story, but manages to shock those who watched it and it counts a lot for a movie of terror.

Ultimately, "Piranha 3D" indicts the audience, indicts them on the charge of being hypocrites for cheering on Derrick's appropriate manner of demise, since porn is a ten-billion dollar business. But to my disappointment, the graphics were actually abysmal. Do you like gore? I didn't love Piranha 3-D. It's pure exploitation trash, but it nails it with deadly precision. It is also a direct Jaws rip-off and steals all of its other scenes from other decent horror films.

Everything about this film was fantastic including the different cameos and references. The 3D was acceptable and only added to the carnage. Piranha is meant to parody the "thing in the water" horror genre more than being an actual horror film.

Piranha 3D is nothing more than a gory, nudity filled schlock fest that has nothing really great about it. Parents say 23 Kids say It's cheesy, ridiculous and extremely violent.

Great up there with the best of this creature feature type movie, I will get the dvd when it comes out. Picture a girl's hair getting caught in a motorboat's propeller while a panicking teenager in the boat tries to get the motor re-started.

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Although there are several seasoned actors in the cast, the best performance is delivered by Jerry O' Connell, who was born to play the role of the sleazy fast-talking Derrick Jones, who can, as Andrew mentions, talk the pants right off of any girl.

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As you might have guessed, Kelly drops by just in time to join the fun. At first, I thought that the movie will be superb. Sex milf group. But after watching the film i could not help but think how good it was. It was regular and i don't now how much i lost from movie experiancebut generalliy as someone who got a respect for Aja i'am quite disappointed. An extremely well-made porno.

Don't bring your mom or kids. I have a pretty high tolerance for violence, but this is a bit over the top. There is also a part where these topless girls are standing on a boat and one of the stage wires snaps and cuts them completely in half. Bruce Aug 22, Don't be distracted by all the blood and breasts, and more importantly, don't make snap judgements about the film's graphic violence and liberal dose of nudity; don't be fooled.

Overall though this movie is fun start to finish and as far as B movies go this is one of the better ones. Piranha 3d lesbian. Lesbian stem fashion. Kevinxavier08 Jul 20, So adorable, even as a nerd. It is also a direct Jaws rip-off and steals all of its other scenes from other decent horror films.

Piranha has a real bite! Some of the deaths are so hilarious, they must be seen to be believed. So it would best suit teens about 16 and up. When I first heard of this movie I thought it was going to be an epic fail but instead I deeply enjoyed this movie. Kid, 12 years old September 11, This was my first time seeing boobies in 3-d, and that alone is worth the price of admission.

This movie was boring. Ideally, Danni just wants Kelly to kiss Jake. It lacked any good suspense. Sick, gruesome, but entertaining b-movie. As long as you can handle the deliberately gratuitous gore, boobs, more gore and more boobs the things I go through for the purposes of a review! I'd give it more of a 7.

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NFW Jun 25, There is a certain grindhouse feel in the movie which is also a plus but that's individual impression. New on Amazon Instant Video. Crystal leans over to try and pull him back aboard but she topples in after him.

Also, Ving Rhames, who always delivers a memorable performance, appears as an officer alongside Elisabeth Shue, and Adam Scott brings great energy to his character as the leader of an underwater research team. Free lesbian comic porn. If CGI boobs are your thing, "Piranha" has plenty of them for you. Yes, I know some of you will. Piranha 3-D does it.

Filmmaking "quality" notwithstanding, when did cheap thrills become so repulsive? Teen, 16 years old Written by goldenlion April 15, Teen, 14 years old Written by Zoemily January 24, After a lot of muffle, Kelly finally gets down to it and licks tequila off Crystal, and then lesbian kisses her, much to Jake's irritation and the glee of Derrick and Andrew, the cameraman.

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Hot girls sex naked The acting is better than expected, the CGI is mostly decent giving the size of the budget, and it never takes itself too seriously.
Free lesbian cinema But was still a blast. Never has a movie so overtly claimed to be about something and then been about that exact same something.
Flat nude women This may seem like an unusually high number of stars for a gimmicky b-movie about piranhas attacking drunk college kids in the third dimension, but I happen to find a certain amount of honor in a film delivering exactly upon its promises. WriteFilmLive21 Dec 9,
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